A message from Pastor Joyce Fiore

Today, we find fewer churches celebrating this vigil (which is
awesome)! The candle is lit at a bonfire, carried into the
sanctuary to tell us the light remains alive in the tomb and is
now coming out of the tomb.  

At Saint Andrew, this rite will be carried out on Easter
morning when the lit Paschal Candle will be carried to rest in
the large brass holder next to the Baptismal Font. The Deacon
will carry it with the Assisting Minister bringing the cross
forward to remind us that Christ is risen. The acolyte follows
to take the light from the Paschal Candle and illuminate the
altar candles.

One of my fondest memories comes from years past, when we
still observed the Easter Vigil. Our Deacon, Debbie Weeks,
carried the candle into the worship space (it is traditionally lit
outside) and she worried that the flame would go out in the
wind. I showed her that the candle has a guard around the
flame which keeps the light alive. "Take a moment to look…   
it’s there."  She laughed and said, “I knew there was a way to
do this -- Christ’s light never goes out”.

From the ELCA Worship Formation & Liturgical Resources --  
Frequently Asked Questions:
Symbolically, this is the fire from which all light is ignited.
Traditionally, before lighting the candle from the new fire, the
candle is inscribed with a cross, an alpha and omega, and the
current year. This reinforces the point that Christ is present
among us now and throughout eternity.

The following words traditionally accompany the inscribing:
"Christ yesterday and today [cross], the beginning and the end
[Alpha and Omega]. His are all times and ages; to Christ be
glory and dominion [year], through endless ages [year].
Amen." If the candle already has the symbols affixed to it, the
minister may trace the symbols as the words are spoken.

I look forward to meeting you at the Paschal Candle which has
been unlit during Lent.
Now He comes to bring us new life and light!

Two New Banners

With our two new banners, we will have a cross as our worship
focus as we face either direction in our sanctuary.

Patchwork Cross Banner will be placed between the
windows replacing the Baptismal Banner which will be used
when appropriate.

During our holy festivals when we use white paraments on the
altar, the
Gold Cross Banner will be placed between the
windows.  These two banners and our other banners are to help
us as we keep our eyes on the Lord.

Social Ministries Prepare for
the Upstate New York Synod Assembly
(May 30 - June 1, 2019)

In preparation for this year's Upstate New York Synod
Assembly, our congregation is being "challenged" in 3 ways
to support various ELCA ministries.

First, we will be collecting
aluminum can tabs (see the
container in the narthex).  The can tabs are then
turned in for
cash which then is donated to a children’s ministry.

Secondly, the Social Ministries team is raising money with
Candy-filled Easter Eggs @ $1.00 + each (see the notice in the
bulletin). This money will be combined with money raised from
the Souper Bowl Sunday fund drive. Our
goal is to raise
which is the goal the synod has set for every
congregation to bring to the table for the ELCA World Hunger
program.  Our Upstate New York Synod hopes to collect at
least $40,000 towards this most important and worthy cause!

Thirdly, Bishop John Macholz and his wife have chosen an
article of clothing each synod attendee should wear on
Saturday morning,
June 1, 2019, the final day of the Synod
Assembly. The number of people appropriately clothed will be
counted and a donation from the Macholz family will be given
to the
ELCA World Hunger program based on the total
number counted.

The article of clothing chosen for this year is
to complement the theme:
"Sneaking up on Hunger."

Therefore, in support of this synod effort, Pastor Joyce is
asking everyone on
Sunday, May 19, 2019 to wear sneakers to
 She will donate $5.00 for each pair of sneakers
counted on
"May 19th -- "Sneaker Sunday!"
Please join the Saint Andrew social ministries team and the
Synod Assembly attendees to make this a successful collection
as we
"sneak up on hunger!"

Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
Community Garden

Grace, Peace, and Happy Spring to all those with a "Green
Thumb" and those wishing to develop one! Hopefully all the
snow will have melted by the time you're reading this article,
but even if it hasn't
GARDEN SEASON is right around the corner!

Plots for our Community Garden are still available for those
interested in growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers in our
organic garden beds.

Please let myself,
Molly Sample, or Anna Sample know if you
would like a plot. We also offer sponsorships of plots for those
who would like to donate the $10.00 application fee for an
individual or family who may not otherwise
be able to afford a

We will be having our
introductory "Garden Meeting"
sometime in
early May with the date to be announced.

Happy gardening and may our community garden
always serve as a way for everyone to connect with
God and God's creation!

Anna and Molly Sample,
Community Garden Coordinators

Symbols of Lent

During the season of Lent the sacristans put symbols in the
sanctuary windows
to remind us of the journey of our Lord in
the days leading to his crucifixion.  

These symbols help us in our meditation and personal walk
towards Easter.

Watch as all the symbols fill the windows!
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
Joyce Fiore, Pastor
"For so the Lord has commanded us, 'I have placed you as a light for the
Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the end of the earth.'" Acts 13:47
April, 2019