A message from Pastor Joyce Fiore

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!  While writing this on
November 13th, the snow is falling and could be an omen of
things to come.

The season of Advent is a sign of things to come as well.  
There would not have been snow, but the climate was chilling
in the area where Jesus was born.  Chilling meaning fear and
apprehension which raised goose bumps every time people
went into the streets of Bethlehem.  Roman soldiers were
obvious and threatening with plenty of weaponry visible.  
Today we also have evidence of fear and apprehension with
shootings, massive wildfires, and so many events threatening
our peace.  I don’t know if these events are a precursor to
something else but I do know the Prince of Peace was born
amidst strife and pain.

This is the time of year we prepare for His birth and also
prepare for the next year to come in our life with Christ.  So
many preparations are happening for Christmas Eve and
Christmas Day.  Along with those plans are the ones to prepare
our church body for a new budget, new council members,
planning winter vacations (mine for instance), and praying the
next year will bring more calm, peace, and good will.

We have been blessed with wonderful music to celebrate our
worship and I take this time to thank
Gary Glidden for his
leadership with the choir.  An appreciation of
Chris Kopf who
made sure we had music if our musician could not come and
also provides such wonderful percussion.  Instrumentalists as
well complete the hymns of joy.  Keeping the sacred space in
order is headed by
Carol Diebold and sacristans, bread baked
John Zachar, and so many assisting ministers to join in
worship leadership make the time spent in praising Christ so
much more meaningful.

A special thank you to
Carole Glidden who keeps everything in
order and coordinates multiple tasks.  And what would we do
Lisa Pratt keeping our bulletins, announcements, and
letters in order?  Let us not forget the great amount of time
put in by the treasurer,
John Joseph, who also serves as
communion assistant.  Although we don’t see
Donna Hartman
here at church due to medical issues we thank her for keeping
the Financial Secretary’s position in great order.  Our
congregation moves forward as the council does its work.

Do we even notice the counters who keep our offerings in
order and a special acknowledgement to
Ken Miner who
coordinates it all.  While Ken is keeping order, his wife,
is in the kitchen making sure that cups of coffee and
refreshments are ready.

I don’t have the space to thank everyone but I also cannot end
this epistle without acknowledging the very special call to
serve that
Anne Cinquemani fulfills.  As our Congregational
Deacon, Anne is one wonderful woman for worship and she is
handling the Confirmation class as well.  I have to stop now
because I have run out of room!


"We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly
mentioning you in our prayers." 1 Thessalonians 1:2


Godspeed, Andrew!

Andrew Holcomb served as our church
musician starting in February, 2018.
On November 11th, we gave him a send-off with much
appreciation and best wishes as he continues his career with a
teaching position at PS/IS 119 -- the Glendale School for
Gifted & Talented Students in Queens, NY!
All the BEST to you, Andrew!


to Sue Wright who is joining us as our NEW church musician!  
Sue comes to us with much experience and as we prepare for
the holiday season we are excited for the musical contribution
she will bring to worship and choral pieces.

The warmest WELCOME, Sue, to the
Saint Andrew family!

Beginnings and Endings

As we enter the month of December we are drawn to thinking
of the end of another year.  The church council is preparing a
budget for next year as it reviews this past year.  Did we
accomplish what we set out to do?  What do we need to
change?  And where do we go from here?

The church council will change as several terms are expiring
and new members need to be added to the council.  We thank
those that have served in this most important position.  It
should be considered an honor to serve the Lord in this
capacity as decisions are made regarding the mission of the

The world and society are changing and so must the church in
order to minister to you and the community.  We look to our
younger members to lead us on this path.  Please consider the
path you might take.  Talk to a council member.  

December also marks a Beginning -- the new Church Year.  
The season of Advent prepares us for the  Coming of our

Mission Support -
Where does our money go?

Approximately ninety-two percent (92%) of the synod's
projected income in the 2018 Mission Plan comes from
congregational mission support and giving.  The balance of our
income comes from interest and dividends from our
investments, grants from the churchwide office, such as the
one that supports our Director for Evangelical Mission (DEM),
and reimbursements for shared staff and income from special

The Upstate NY Synod gives 42% of mission support received
to the wider church supporting God's work around the world.
The remaining funds help to support our congregations,
leaders, and the many ministries around our synod.

The remaining 58% of mission support received supports the
Upstate NY Synod efforts of: --
- Regional stewardship and renewal tables supporting new and
renewing ministries
-  5 Campus Ministries
-  Care of Congregations and Rostered Leaders
-  Candidacy
-  Camp Ministries at LCLC and Vanderkamp

Most of our mission support to the wider church comes back to
the Upstate NY Synod in the form of support for: --
-  Our DEM (Director of Evangelical  Mission)
-  Renewing and new Congregations
-  New Mission Starts
-  Synodical Ministries
-  Churchwide Ministries that UNYS participates in

2018 Wednesday Advent Study

Our study group will meet in Fellowship Hall on
Wednesday, December 5,
Wednesday, December 12, and
Wednesday, December 19
at 6:00 PM

This year's study will follow the
ELCA World Hunger Advent Bible Study.  
We will look at Genesis 18:3-5
and 1 Corinthians 11:20-21.  
Our study will also include
Luther’s look at the sacrament of Love:
Holy communion.  
Cookies and hot cocoa will be served.

Holiday Giving

Our Social Ministries Team is preparing for the Holiday
Season.  They have contacted local agencies for families that
we may assist with Thanksgiving and Christmas food and
Christmas gifts.  More information will be coming.  Contact
Terri Hart or Rita and Larry Navatka for more information.
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
Joyce Fiore, Pastor
"For so the Lord has commanded us, 'I have placed you as a light for the
Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the end of the earth.'" Acts 13:47
December, 2018