A message from Pastor Joyce Fiore

Pastoral Jottings


Please consider all the reformers that took part in the call to
question and learn.  My father-in-law belonged to a church in
Westchester County that had Tiffany stained glass windows
which claimed our attention.

What really took precedence, though, were two stained glass
windows…one with
Martin Luther and the other with John
side by side.  Preaching with those two looking on was
quite an intimidating experience, and I mentioned to the pastor
that they would never have looked so peaceful if given the
chance to meet each other.

The reformation of the church of Jesus Christ was not a
peaceful and easily understood historic event.  Here at Saint
Andrew, one of our members has a calling to study and
understand another reformer,
John Knox (who was also a
Roman Catholic Priest).  When he reads as a lector, he uses his
John Knox (Geneva) Bible.

Take a moment to realize that this reformation time actually
set Europe on fire, and no one was blameless in the terrible
events that happened.  Today, we do not expect such a
conflagration, but
we are also called to look at the changing
church -- as reformation is an ongoing event.
 Lutherans are
called to understand and study, rather than simply accept
 Many changes are occurring in the Evangelical
Church in America.  Right here in the Upstate NY Synod we
see much reformation.

I am inspired to write about this broad view of the
reformation, as Saint Andrew prepares for a change in the
pulpit.  How wonderful that we worship and celebrate the
same God albeit with some variance in doctrine.

John Knox once said,
"I have never once feared the devil,
but I tremble every time I enter the pulpit."

All preachers appreciate this statement and Martin Luther
would be the first to agree.

Grace, peace, and fire in your heart for the Gospel!

Preparing for the Future

The church council and church leaders are beginning to
prepare for next year when we will be without a pastor.
Many documents regarding the Call Process are being
reviewed.  Conference and Synod leaders are meeting with the
church council to guide them through this journey.

One of the first steps is the Ministry Site Plan (MSP) which
your council and leaders will begin but will not complete until
after Pastor Joyce has left.

During this vacancy Saint Andrew will have a transitional team
led by a pastor who will be the pastoral support at council
meetings and in church events.

During this time we will be served by supply pastors for Sunday
worship.  Occasionally if an ordained pastor is not available, a
Synod Authorized Minister will lead worship but without

Supply pastors have already been contacted for the month of
January.  Our last vacancy was for 7 months during which time
we continued with our mission and worship life trusting God’s
presence in our life.

As we enter this vacancy, if anyone has questions or concerns
please bring them to Pastor or to a council member or leader.

Our hope is in our faithful Lord!

Worshipping with
The King's Clown Troupe
from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Clifton Park, NY
Sunday, October 13, 2019


Our New Banner

Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
Joyce Fiore, Pastor
"For so the Lord has commanded us, 'I have placed you as a light for the
Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the end of the earth.'" Acts 13:47
November, 2019
November is such a busy
month and the end of the
liturgical year.  Of all the
recent church observances,
Reformation Sunday
grabbed our attention as
Lutherans. We were
encouraged to wear red to
show the flame of opening
minds to new thinking and
illuminating what God calls
us to do.
This new banner is now
hanging on the landing of
our church stairs leading
down to the Fellowship

It shows many of our
members involved in
"Gods Work, Our
Hands" Sunday.

The two previous
banners are now hanging
in the Parish House as
reminders of our mission
work in our community.

Stop in to the office to
view these banners.