November, 2020
"For this is what the Lord has commanded us: 'I have made you a light for
the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the end of the earth.'"  
Acts 13:47
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
A message from
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The very first social statement adopted by the ELCA was “Church
in Society: A Lutheran Perspective.”
It articulates that the church as
the body of Christ is called to love thy neighbor.

The call of God motivates the church to address society. The church
confesses and teaches both law and gospel as the living word of the
triune God. God's activity in the world inevitably leads to
participating in society and caring for the earth with all its creatures.

This participation involves a commitment to justice. Family,
education, economy, government, and other social structures are the
ways God restrains evil, protects from harm, and upholds the
common good. Christians are to respect the God-given integrity and
tasks of these structures.

God’s church is called to serve and advocate in response to such
diverse social situations as disasters, poverty, discrimination, social
policies, and economic arrangements.

The statement says the church should keep enough critical distance
from society to act, when appropriate, like the prophets of Scripture.
Prophets challenged the culture, exposed the power of sin and
idolatry, and spoke out on behalf of the poor and powerless.

The statement is quite clear that the primary way that the church
carries out its responsibility in the world is
through the everyday life
of ordinary Christians.
Every Christian is called to participate in
society by doing good in the places of responsibility.

Christians fulfill their roles in many ways and have many gifts. They
will often disagree passionately on social questions.
Such a
community looks together to Scripture as the normative source of
faith and life and to the best knowledge available in the secular
realm as it deliberates toward good actions and policies. It is in a
public process guided by the Holy Spirit that Christians come to
discern what action they should take when dealing with complicated

O God, you crafted the universe as a divine tapestry in which the
well-being of the entire cosmos is forever intertwined.

In this election season, give us hearts and minds focused on nurturing
all that you have made:-

  • Ignite in us a passion for the welfare of those who are most

  • Empower us to lead with a love that reflects your love revealed
    in Jesus Christ our Savior.

  • Remind us of your call to not withdraw from the world, but to be
    in the world as your very own broken and beloved people.

  • Guide us to be courageous disciples and responsible citizens.

  • Grant that our life in the public realm be grounded in love for
    our neighbors, care for the most vulnerable in our midst, and
    respect for the common life we share, following the example of
    Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

With grateful acknowledgement to the Evangelical Lutheran Church
of America.
"God’s work. Our hands."

Yours in Christ,  
Pastor Jinney
The Rev. Jinney Vogel-Polizzi, Interim Pastor
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
Garage Sale
October 2-3, 2020

Despite chilly temperatures and light rain, we sold lots of
furniture, bikes, dolls, clothing, lamps, holiday decorations,
and much, much more!

The elements did not deter the customers or the Saint Andrew

A heartfelt
THANK YOU to all who gave so generously of
their time and talents!
Our very successful event netted Saint Andrew $3,500!
Blessing of the Animals
Sunday, October 4, 2020
Animals of all kinds -- live, stuffed toys, and photographs --
were blessed with the greatest enthusiasm!
Saint Andrew Call Process

Saint Andrew Lutheran Church has now entered the
call process for a new pastor.

A candidate has been recommended by the Bishop’s office.

A Special Congregational Meeting was held after worship on
Sunday, October 25th to select a Call Committee.  Our
constitution calls for a committee of 5 members approved by the

The following 5 members were accepted to
the Call Committee:  

  • Lou Mondor, Chairperson
  • Terri Hart
  • Anne Cinquemani
  • Ken Miner
  • Luke Trombley
"God’s Work. Our Hands"
Commitment Sunday
November 15, 2020

As a member of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church, you should have
received a letter regarding your commitment to the mission of this
congregation.  Even during this pandemic your time and talents are

This is the time of the year when we begin preparing our budget for
next year.  As we are looking forward to the possible calling of a
new pastor, your support is very important.  

Please bring your pledge card to worship on
Sunday, November 15th
or if you are not able to attend please, mail the card to the church.
Saint Andrew Social Ministries

The Social Ministries Team is busy with many community
outreaches.  We are starting this fall with a collection of items
for the
Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society.  Also a collection of
food items and money will go the  
Moreau Community Center
Food Pantry

Checks may be sent to
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
with "Harvest Food" in the memo line.

Some of the clothing and the linens left over after the Garage
Sale were given to the
Orphan Grain Train. Larry Navatka
distributed the rest of the clothing among several local agencies
Community Action, Baptist Church Thrift Shop, Moreau
Community Center, and the Queensbury United Methodist
Thrift Shop.
 Most the other items were given to a benefit
being held at
Sally’s Henhouse for Finn, a young boy with

Your donations help many in the community!

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small
things with great love."
-- Mother Teresa
(Safe )Worship at Saint Andrew

During the current pandemic, please be aware that numerous
safety precautions have been put into effect for our indoor

Safe distancing and masks are required and the church will be
utilizing a defogger and approved solution before and
after each service.  

The photo above shows
Ken Miner fogging the sanctuary to
sanitize the area for worship.  The fogger was donated by a
church member.

This is to insure the health and safety of all!

With God's help, may all stay safe and well!