A message from Pastor Joyce Fiore


Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019

Of all the Holy Days we observe -- Christmas, Epiphany, Palm
Sunday, and Easter -- this day brings me the most joy!

Pentecost is not a personal event; we read, "All of them were
filled with the Holy Spirit" (Acts 2:4), which means all of us
are touched and filled and we are in community to go ahead in
the ministry of Jesus Christ. This thought brings joy to my
whole being -- I am filled and fulfilled.

I may sense being filled because this day, in the Book of Acts,
was the
Jewish day of the “First Fruits.”  It was the Jewish
Festival of Weeks
which can be found in the Hebrew Bible.
Shavuot is called the "Festival of Weeks" and is also called the
"Festival of Reaping or Harvest."

Jews traditionally read the Book of Ruth at Pentecost as the
story links with the grain harvest theme of the festival.
Everyone came together at
Shavuot just as we are called to
come together with flames above our heads and burning with a
desire to celebrate the inspiration poured out on us. What a
celebration and what a harvest!

I foresee much happening in the next year: -- new thoughts,
ideas, growth of the Word among God’s people, and learning
new ways of doing things. Who can sit still with flames above
our heads? We are lit up and ablaze with hope and joy.

Christians have also called
Pentecost "Whit Sunday." Whit
is the 50th day after Easter in which the Holy Spirit
descended upon the disciples and gave them the power to
speak in different tongues. The disciples began to preach to
the Jewish people about Jesus Christ causing them to go to
Jerusalem for the
Feast of Shavuot.

Please join under this halo of flames and, with blazing desire,
go forward in bringing the good news to all God’s people as we
search for God in our lives.

“I want God, not my idea of God.”  C. S. Lewis

Change for a Dollar

We are now beginning our campaign for Change For a Dollar.  
A few coins given by many over the summer add up to an
amount that has done much good for our local non-profit

As you enter our sanctuary there will be a box for you to drop
in your coins. Paper money is also accepted!  

In September, the congregation will offer suggestions for
recipients of these monies.  We will then vote for three of the
organizations -- the top three receiving a check from         
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church.

The last few years there has been a tie so actually
have benefited from our small change
contributions.  The usual amount that we are able to send to
each group is

So start saving your change and think of a local group that you
would like to help.  Talk to anyone on the Social Ministries
Team (Larry and Rita Navatka, Anne Cinquemani, and Terri
Hart) for more information.  

Memorial Garden

A request has been made for Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
to consider creating a
Memorial Garden.

A Memorial Garden is usually a church garden in which the
cremated ashes are poured directly into the ground and
covered by grass or groundcover; these ashes are commingled
with other ashes and with soil, in a tangible symbol of the
communion of saints.  

In memorial gardens, there is usually a
plaque on which the
names and dates can be inscribed.  It is common to have a
bench so people can sit and meditate.  

The burial or scattering of the remains may take place during a
Christian ceremony in the garden.  

There is much to explore as we consider this for Saint Andrew.
committee is being formed with Chris Kopf as chairman.  

Anyone interested in being on the committee or wanting more
information please contact Chris Kopf or the church office --
518/761-0917 or sgfstandrew@live.com

Church Assemblies

Pastor Joyce and Jesse and Cindy Fuller will attend the
Upstate New York Synod Assembly, May 30-June 1, 2019, in
Rochester, NY

The theme is
"You Will Be My Witness."  They will take with
them the
can tabs we collected all year and also a check for
World Hunger.

Bishop John Macholz chose sneakers as the designated article
of clothing this year for each to wear.  So Pastor Joyce
challenged us to
wear sneakers to church on Sunday, May 19th
and pledged to
donate $5/pair to World Hunger.  
This year, your sneakers brought in $180!

Every three years the national church holds an assembly.  This
year the National Assembly will be held in Milwaukee,

Pentecost Sunday -- June 9, 2019

This year, we celebrate Pentecost on Sunday, June 9th as we
call upon the Holy Spirit to descend upon us.  

To help us in our worship we decorate the
sanctuary with RED
 The congregation is asked to wear RED clothing
and all the
paraments are RED.  

On this day we will also celebrate the First Communion of
Ashley Baines
and welcome into membership Chris Kopf.

Saint Andrew Community Garden

We have had the rain and now the sunshine.  We are ready for
 There are still available beds.  
Please see Anna or Molly Sample for information.  

Consider taking a bed and
donating the produce.  See Gary
as he takes donations to a local non-profit.  

Anna and Molly are considering making excess produce from
our gardeners available in the narthex for our parishioners to
take for a small donation that would go to Change for a Dollar.
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
Joyce Fiore, Pastor
"For so the Lord has commanded us, 'I have placed you as a light for the
Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the end of the earth.'" Acts 13:47
June, 2019
Beatles Sunday
On Sunday, May 19th, Rev. Jim
Slater led us in worship with the
liturgy and musical offerings
sung to the tunes of familiar
Beatles songs.
It was an enjoyable experience
to worship God in a new and
different way!
Youngest Acolyte
in Training
Augie Sample is our
youngest acolyte in
You will also find him in the
Community Garden
demonstrating the proper
way to pull a weed.