The Money Wall -- will help raise money to finance
our narthex/kitchen expansion -- envelopes with
$1 to $150 may be taken --
when filled with the amount on the envelope (cash or
check), put your name on the envelope and place it in
the offering plate
you are then free to take another envelope --
at the end of the year we will announce the monies
given for the expansion -- if all the envelopes are
returned, we will have raised
$11,500! for the year --
please make your checks
payable to
"Saint Andrew Lutheran Church"
and write "Money Wall" in the memo line --
there are also blank envelopes if you want to choose
your own amount

(as of January 2, 2018)

From June through December, 2017, the Money Wall
brought in $4,799 which was used to cover the building
expansion (narthex and kitchen) loan payments of
$644 monthly -- totaling $4,508.  

Additionally, special gifts of $13,500 and $8,000 given
during 2017 were applied to the
principal of our loan
with Mission Investment Fund.  So in total these
special gifts have lowered our loan principal by an
additional $21,500!

THANK YOU for these most generous gifts!

There is a new
Money Wall for 2019.  Based on recent
generous gifts, our loan balance is now $19,000!  An
estimated income from the
Money Wall and the
monthly payments are now included in this year’s
operating budget.  
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Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23
Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
Joyce Fiore, Pastor